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Cured smoked Italian ham with goat cheese ricottawith rosemary and herb

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Involtini de Speck Ham

Italian air-dried cured ham from the crisp clean mountain air of the Italian alps gently smoked to enhance the natural flavours, perfectly complimented with goat cheese ricotta with rosemary, bay leaf and herbs steeped in oil. Hand-rolled and portion weight controlled for precise cost accuracy. Available sizes. Mini cocktail 10gm, cocktail 15gm, 20 and 30gm whole pieces.

Bespoke value-added vegetarian products are available on request. these include but not limited to: Beetroot Carpaccio, pineapple Carpaccio, chargrilled vegetables of every variety, marinated olives, compound salads, fresh pulses and lentils, noodle salads, dukka, fresh fruit, fresh fruit compotes, pesto, tapenades, dressings


ALL these products have a superior taste, colour, and texture because they are not heat treated. The products deliver a superior taste experience compared to many other products on the market.

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