Create stunning dishes with flavour and colour of the oil. Urban art arrived on the plate with this unique oil. Gastromist® is a naturally coloured and flavoured oil with intense flavours. It is micro atomised to produce a mist to spray and decorate the plate.


This is a heady and aromatic herb - especially delicious with all types of beef dishes. Or use it with tomato and feta cheese, spray over roast potatoes, chicken, game, stuffings, fish, and even for marinating olives. This product is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Gastromist® Thyme Flavour 1 x 150ml

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  • Can be used as a culinary ingredient in the preparation and when cooking to impart fresh herby notes. Perfect to add shine to leaves, even pizzas. It can be served in the kitchen but for that special theatre in the restaurant it can be done at the table in front of the guest. 


    Country of Origin: UK


    Ingredients (Allergens in heavy type):
    Sunflower oil, olive oil (20%), natural thyme flavour (1%), natural colour, vegetable extract. Propellant gas: nitrogen


    Typical Nutritional Values (per 100g):

    Value Per 100g
    Energy 900kcal/3762kJ
    Total Fat 99g
    Of which saturates 12.2g
    Carbohydrates 0g
    Of which sugars 0g
    Protein 0.01g
    Salt 0g


    Widely recyclable.


    Storage Requirements:
    Ambient, Do not freeze. Protect from direct sunlight. Store at room temperature. Protect from high temperatures. Do not heat the can. Do not expose to temperatures more than 50 degrees C. Keep away from sources of heat such as ovens, infra red lights etc.


    Shake well before. Depress the nozzle quickly and fully to expel a fine mist.Wipe nozzle with a clean cloth/tissue paper after use. Store and use at ambient temperature. Do not use chilled or cold.


    Volume: 150ml


    This product is GMO free.


    This product is suitable for vegetarians