A unique sauce that is a semi-solid but when under pressure transforms to a liquid and then when it rests reverts back to a semi solid. Savoury and sweet Fluid gels at your fingertips! Gastrogel® is made to be spread across the plate and also to make beads of sauce that hold their shape. Smooth delicious butternut squash with a gentle hint of fresh sage and garlic provides a universal base for all savoury dishes including lamb, chicken, pork and beef. This product is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Gastrogel® Butternut Squash & Sage Flavour 1 x 250ml

  • Superb flavour and visual appeal, these sauces are made to deliver on taste and be practical to use in the everyday environment of a busy kitchen. Friendly, cut to size nozzle giving the chef precise control required. Available in a fine range of flavours from parsnip to raspberry. 


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