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Freshburst® Pearls consist of a delicate outer skin, encasing a liquid centre and come in 14 delectable flavours. Great with sushi, fish, seafood, noodles, thai food and stirfry. This product is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Freshburst® Pearls Soy Flavour 1 x 100gm

  • These little pearls can be used as a garnish and as an ingredient in all types of food and drink. Like eating little bombs, once in the mouth and bitten into, the liquid centres release a taste sensation across the palate, adding intrigue to all dishes. 


    Country of Origin: EU


    Ingredients (Allergens in bold):

    Ingredients: soy sauce (Wheat gluten soy) sodium Alginate, calcium chloride, potassium sorbate.


    Typical Nutritional Values (per 100g):

    Value Per 100g
    Energy 152kJ/36Kcal
    Total Fat 0.4g
    Of which saturates 0g
    Carbohydrates 3.5g
    Of which sugars 1.2g
    Protein 4.64g
    Salt 9.7g


    Instructions for use:
    Ambient product. store in a cool dry dark place. Once opened keep refrigerated and use a clean spoon between uses. Drain the liquid off the spoon whilst in the jar. Keep the pearls in the packing liquid until use.Not suitable for freezing. However the pearls are heat stable to use in sauces up to 75 degrees C. Keep for a maximum of 14 days once opened.


    Volume: 100g


    This product is not suitable for vegetarians


    Suitable for Vegans

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