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Drawn from the inspiration of juicy berries and appreciation of simplicity of colours. Impart robust flavours with a simple stroke with great depth of flavour. Serve with something acidic like goats cheese or feta but works equally well with meats or dark bitter chocolate torte. This product is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Gastropaint® Beetroot Flavour 1 x 150gm

  • Take a clean dry pastry brush and simply brush every plate for a stylish decoration to make a good dish great! No pastry brush? simply stir with a tea spoon and random drizzle over the plate.


    Ingredients (Allergens in heavy type):
    Beetroot juice 70%, sugar, water, Thickener: modified maize starch, Stabiliser: pectin, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid, Preservative: potassium sorbate.


    Typical Nutritional Values (per 100g):

    Value Per 100g
    Energy 1029kcal/242kJ
    Total Fat 0g
    Of which saturates 0g
    Carbohydrates 61g
    Of which sugars 33g
    Protein 0.2g
    Salt 0.08g


    Glass jar and steel cap. Widely recyclable.


    Storage Requirements:
    Store at less than 20°C. Once opened, keep at ambient temperate, use within 6 months and do not exceed the best before date. If crystallised, warm to re-dissolve. Do not refrigerate.


    Brush lightly onto the plate to create the desired artistic effect.


    Volume: 150gm


    This product is GMO free

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